Antonio Vivaldi and His Music

Antonio Vivaldi and His Music


Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was a well known Baroque music composer. He was also a Venetian Priest as well as a virtuoso violinist. He was born in the year 1678 in Venice. He was taught to play the violin by his father while he was still a young boy. While he was in his teen years, he became interested in becoming a priest and was later ordained to become one when he was twenty five years. Since he appeared to have a sickness that might have been asthma, be become unable to play wind instruments. In as much as he had shortness of breath, it did not deter him from playing violin and composing music.

Antonio spent most of his time playing with his father and soon enough he took first position and became a master of the violin in Venice in 1703 while at an orphanage. While working at the orphanage, he taught young boys and girls how to play the violin. He spent six years working at the orphanage until he lost his job and went on to became a freelance musician. He was later asked by the board to return to the orphanage when they realized his importance there. When he returned there, he spent a lot of his spare time composing music.


Early 1700s, Antonio began composing music in the operas. Since he was using his won style which was new as well as relatively unorthodox, it caused his a lot of problems in his career. This made his work not accepted with the public until he was offered a position in the Maestro di Cappella in 1781 by Prince Phillip of Hesse-Darmstadt. He spent another three years here composing music for operas. This made his musical career well known and he received commissions from royalties and nobles this however was short lived. After some times, his music stopped once again being popular and this made him ran into financial difficulties. This led him to sell most of his manuscripts so that he could go back to Vienna. He later passed on in the year 1741.


Vivaldi might not have gotten the recognition and made achievements like fellow musicians Mozart and Bach but he became successful by breaking away from what was known as traditional music. In as much as his music was forgotten for some time, it was later rediscovered in the early 1900s and it is still being enjoyed up to date. He is seen as the composer who helped changed baroque so that it became more classical which only goes to show how innovative he was. Vivaldi actually made a great impact on Bach and as such he transcribed a lot of the concertos that were created by Vivaldi Unfortunately his work was not recognized when he was alive but he made a great evolution in classical music. It was Bach who continued with the change and he made such a big splash with the audience and became more recognized that Vivaldi.

Vivaldi was more of a quite priest who kept to himself mostly because of his health but this did not deter him from composing music. Although his talent was not appreciated while he was still alive, it surely does get the recognition it deserves today.

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